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Little Canyon Shooting

Work Phone: 208-486-6235 Website: http://www.littlecanyonshooting.com/


Photo of Little Canyon Shooting
Little Canyon Shooting has much to offer. It is your full service destination. We offer pheasant and chukar hunting on multiple ranches, clay shooting, continental shooting, shooting instruction, lodging, meals, professionally trained dogs, and a pro shop. We also offer a variety of membership packages.
For a change of pace we offer continental shoots. Imagine shooting pheasants in full flight from many different directions. 200 birds is the norm for this event and when specials are running even more birds are used. This is an event which is difficult to explain and is a must to experience!
Little Canyon Shooting facilities are the perfect destination for business meetings, company picnics, reunions, family outings, and groups large & small.
When you arrive at Little Canyon Shooting, our goal is to provide you with an escape from the daily routines of life and prepare you for the exciting days ahead. We offer you the finest accommodations, breathtaking scenery, and the opportunity to participate in some of the best pheasant hunting and shooting sports around.
Little Canyon Shooting’s natural habitat and unique ambiance creates the perfect place for your special events. Treat your family, your friends, your business, and of course yourself, to the many adventures Little Canyon Shooting has to offer.