Put Your $$ Where Your Heart Is!!! Buy Orofino Local!

The Orofino Chamber of Commerce does an amazing job of planning and putting on the Annual Orofino Christmas Festival.  They spend many hours organizing, hanging lights in the City Park
and soliciting sponsors.  Many area residents, families and friends get to spend an evening the first Friday of December (12/2) watching the Old Fashioned Light Parade (theme- Christmas in Toyland), Pictures with Santa, largest lighting of the City Park & Orofino Christmas Tree.  You also might even notice the brand new 6ft stars out on Riverside HYW 12.

If we want fun family activities like the Orofino Christmas Festival to thrive and continue in our area we need to support the businesses that play the largest part in putting these events on.  The local small business are the ones who make all these events happen, they are the first to write a check or hand out cash to help sponsor something for the community to enjoy.  Did you know that most of our local businesses are solicited on average a minimum of once a day to sponsor, donate and/contribute too many local events.

These businesses are the first to sponsor your little league team, sporting events, boy/girl scouts events. They are the ones willing to help as they are your neighbor, church members, friends, and family.  Our local business are under the same day-to-day stresses such as financial strains that you might experience yourself: building rent, utilities, and taxes.  They do need profit to survive and employ members of our community.

As the shopping season approaches the Orofino Chamber of Commerce encourages all to take a hard look at where you spend your money.  We encourage everyone to check out the local jeweler, local shoe store, local hardware store, local variety stores, local flower shop, local Cakery, your hometown grocery stores, local car dealer and local restaurants.  At the end of the day is better to have 10 small storefronts with local people working in them, local management, local business owners supporting our local economy, supporting our local events.  Of course, it is, put your $$ where your heart is, BUY LOCAL.  Be on the lookout for special deals from your local businesses via the Chamber Facebook Page (Orofino Chamber of Commerce).

When shopping – BUY LOCAL 1st