Places To Eat

Dining in Orofino is sure to be an experience you will enjoy!  We have several types of cuisine that will tantalize your senses with cultures and flavors unique to our area!

We have Mexican, Chinese, Pizza, Pasta, Fine Dining; Sports Bars, Coffe and Panini Shops and much much more!  If you would like any recommendation we would love to offer them!  208-476-4335!

Four Seasons Delivery

Contact: Kourtney & Lance Eckman
Work Phone: 1-208-827-2670 Website:


Photo of Four Seasons Delivery
Our Passion is to help our Local Businesses grow and thrive while providing Quality and Convenience to our Community.
The foundation we are building Four Seasons Delivery on is truly to bridge any gaps that may exist. This takes opportunities for all who live here or are lodging here, to have an opportunity to still enjoy what’s offered here in Orofino in the comfort of their own homes, at the Office on a busy day, or even a Staff Luncheon to say thank you to your Team for doing a great job!
As we progress in our vision, it truly entails so much more than “just a delivery service.” Our hearts are to be a positive impact to all of those we encounter and get the opportunity to serve.
When configuring our operations, I knew going into it how important it was to keep the process simple and stream-lined for both, the Business Owner and the Customer.
In doing so, we truly are the middle man for both sides of the equation. We work directly with the Customer and then the Restaurant or Coffee Shop. This lessens any and all confusion and any hassle of the Customer having to reach out to 2 different people and keeps the Restaurants from having to call out to us when they have their hands plenty full with operating their own Business.
With growth comes opportunities and that’s what will allow everything to truly bear fruit. In this happening, we are then able to pour back into our Community.
With that said, we also look forward to contributing towards Christmas 911, helping with providing Coats, Blankets, Scarves, Hats & Gloves to people of all ages here in Orofino, and providing opportunities for those who wish to play Sports that may not be able to afford to do so. As we begin to discover more of what the needs are for Orofino, we wholeheartedly invite you to share with us what is most crucial so we can begin to do what we can to contribute towards it. 
Here is a list of the businesses we currently serve:
Augie’s Deli
China Palace
Coffee Lady
Dining on the Edge
Hopper’s Take n’ Bake Pizza
Just Brew It Espresso
Monty’s Pizza
Northfork Cafe
Pizza Factory
The Dog House