Enriched in our logging & fishing roots enjoy a week worth of adventure

Day 1:

  • Morning run around town

  • Relax with a latte at Augies

  • Raft, Kayak or float the Clearwater River

  • Dine around town

Day 2:

  • Stop in at Ronatta’s Cakery

  • Hit the Clearwater River for an extreme fishing experience

  • Stroll through town for an evening of fun

Day 3:

  • Enjoy a walk through the City Park

  • Stop in at the Clearwater Historical Museum

  • Enjoy fishing off the bridge at the base of the Dworshak Dam

  • Dine for dinner at the Northfork Café

Day 4:

  • Pack a picnic for an all-day bike ride mountains of Idaho

  • Hang out at the Big Eddy Trail

  • Take a break and dip your feet into the waters of the Dworshak Reservoir

  • Come back to town and enjoy dinner and a movie at the Rex

Day 5:

  • Relax and rejuvenate

  • Enjoy an afternoon stroll downtown and on the Levey

  • Grab some dinner around town

Day 6:

  • Coffee & Cakery

  • Take a hike in the wilderness of Idaho

  • Dine around town