2019 Maniac Dam Race- “The Best Dam Race In IDAHO” Results are IN!

On June 1st, it was a great day for a race! We had 150 participants registered and the weather was perfect.

“A huge effort went into organizing and making this race a success.  Without the help of our planning committee, volunteers, sponsors and participants, this event wouldn’t have been possible,” reports Executive Director Tessa Mullinix.

The Chamber would like to thank Dworshak Dam and Reservoir for allowing the race to happen and also for their help with set up; P1FCU for sponsoring the t-shirts and donating apples; Orofino Physical Therapy for sponsoring winners medals and for the goodie bags and stretch table; Clearwater Valley Hospital for sponsoring our chip timers and providing sunscreen and chapstick; Orofino Market Place for donating Gatorade, granola bars and bananas; LCCU for donating oranges; Barney’s Harvest Foods for the bottled water; Mike Collins and Cyrus Hall for the chip timing; the City of Orofino for providing cones; Idaho Youth Challenge Academy and Cadets for the help with set-up and break-down; Clearwater County Sheriff’s Department for having deputies on site and keeping us safe; Sam Boccasini for an outstanding job as the Maniac; KLER Radio for covering the race, playing music and announcing at the race.  Lastly, I would like to thank the planning committee for all of their time and hard work: Ashley Steinbruecker, Lahni Ireland, Jeff and Monica Jones as well as all the volunteers the day of the race; Lee Lira, Reiley Strom, and Irene Tenant.  What a great race day!!


The Official Results are as follows:

3K 1-17 Female                                                                      

  1. Kyialynn Jones               Lewiston, ID                       15:51
  2. Reagan Kessinger          Orofino, ID                          18:08
  3. Kaia Romero                   Orofino, ID                         20:03

3K 1-17 Male

  1. Bryer Jenks                     Greer, ID                             12:01
  2. Kaleb Kessinger             Orofino, ID                          16:13
  3. Bentley Jones                 Lewiston, ID                       18:40

3K 18 & Up Female

  1. Julie Kessinger             Orofino, ID                          14:51
  2. Robbin Morton            Orofino, ID                          19:59
  3. Connie Driscell             Orofino, ID                          20:13

3K 18 & Up Male

  1. Dartagnan Romero       Orofino, ID                          16:26
  2. Christopher Jones        Orofino, ID                          26:03
  3. Daniel Kenney               Orofino, ID                          27:07

5K 1-17 Female

  1. Sydnie Zywina                Orofino, ID                          23:05
  2. Lindi Kessinger              Orofino, ID                          24:14
  3. Victoria Weber               Potlach, ID                          26:15


5K 1-17 Male

  1. Mathew Flint            Pierce ID,                            20:19
  2. CJ Baum                   Pierce, ID                             20:35
  3. Thor Kessinger        Orofino, ID                          20:59


5K 18 & Up Female

  1. Ann Lima                 Orofino, ID                          23:33
  2. Terra Rintelen        Orofino, ID                          23:48
  3. Ally Fagundes         Pierce, ID                             26:31

5K 18 & Up Male

  1. Brayden Naylor     Pierce, ID                             19:17
  2. Tyler Simmons      Lewiston, ID                       21:50
  3. Jason Kessinger     Orofino, ID                          22:31