This last Saturday was a great day for a race, we had 203 races registered and the weather was perfect.

“A huge effort went into organizing and making this race a success, I thank each and every one of the volunteers that showed up the day of the race and pitched in to keep things running smoothly,” reports Executive Director Melina Johnson.

The Chamber would also like to thank Dworshak Dam and Reservoir for allowing the race to happen and all their help with set up; P1FCU for sponsoring the t-shirt, My Sweet Escapes for donating granola bars, Barneys Harvest Foods for the bottled water, State Farm Insurance- Jacob Lingard for setting sponsoring our medals, LCSC Mike Collins and his team of Students for the chip timing, Clearwater Valley Hospital for Sponsoring our Chip Timers and supplying sunscreen and chap stick, Orofino Physical Therapy for the goody bags and Stretching table, Harper’s Chiropractic for the bio freeze, the City for providing cones, and last but definitely not least I want to thank the best Maniac I have ever seen, Sam Boccasini, you did an amazing job! And finally I would like thank Jeff & Monica Jones and KLER Radio for getting things underway, their announcements, entertainment and donations!  What a great race day!!

The Official Results are as follows:

3K 1-17 Female

  1. Olivia Boller Lenore, ID                           18:08
  2. Reagan Kessinger Orofino, ID                          20:29
  3. Jazmyn Smith Lewiston, ID                      27:47

3K 1-17 Male

  1. Nathan Amonson Orofino, ID                          16:11
  2. Bentley Jones Orofino, ID                          20:37
  3. Kaleb Kessinger Orofino, ID                          21:05

3K 18 & Up Female

  1. Cassidy West Orofino, ID                          16:51
  2. Connie Driscoll Bozeman, MT                    17:16
  3. Robin Morton Orofino, ID                          20:53

3K 18 & Up Male

  1. Casey West Orofino, ID                          16:52
  2. Daniel Kenney Orofino, ID                          26:15
  3. Emmitt Waite Orofino, ID                          27:43

5K 1-17 Female

  1. Lindi Kessinger Orofino, ID          24:01
  2. Ruby Kessinger Orofino, ID          26:44
  3. Ari Lacy Lewiston, ID       27:46

5K 1-17 Male

  1. Noah Goeckner Clarkston, WA    19:03
  2. Dorien Leon Orofino, ID          20:41
  3. Nathan Drobish Orofino, ID          20:50

5K 18 & Up Female

  1. Annette Peterson Orofino, ID          22:34
  2. Joni Mangum Orofino, ID          23:01
  3. Ann Lima Orofino, ID          23:45

5K 18 & Up Male

  1. Jason Kessinger Orofino, ID          21:56
  2. Tyler Simons Lewiston, ID       23:07
  3. Andy Oneill Clarkston, WA    23:16